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  • - Size. 20 cm * 20 cm
  • - Print Size. 20 cm * 20 cm

Category: Photo Rock
Product Code: 51   

how to print

temperature :  180 °C  or   350  °F

time :  240 s   

Sublimation Rock stone /digital photo/ occasions/gift 
1.Original manufacturer 
2.Best quality with competitive price 

Sublimation Rock stone /digital photo/ occasions/gift,Stone image
New Ground Floor Opportunity from SUNMETA
The New Standard for Personalized Gifts and Awards
Zekrayat is proud to introduce the newest technology in sublimation which is the ROCK PHOTO.Transfered image onto the nature rock is expected to prompt a new idea for gift market.In this fast and easy way,a common rock will become a delicate and beautiful gifts or award in just minutes.
Also the quality and price will meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
The market response has been nothing short of overwhelming.This is the most exciting new photo gift system to be launched to the industry in more than a decade. 
We will ROCK you!
How It works
Step 1:Get image from digital camera,memory card or scanner.
Step 2:Print image with heat-transfered paper and sublimation ink by 
Step3:Use the tile press to heat the Rock with image paper.
Step 4: Tear off the image paper on the rock and cool some time.A special   gift will appeared in front of you.

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