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water drop . BXP28

  • - itemNo.   1658  
  • - Size. 12 * 21 cm
  • - Print Size. 12.5 * 19.5 cm

Category: Photo Crystal
Product Code: 1658   

how to print

temperature :  180 °C  or   350  °F

time :  240 s  

Personalized photo crystals are perfect gifts or souvenirs for occasions such as:

1- Personalized gift for family or friends such as birthday gift, Weddings gift and Wedding anniversary souvenir for celebrate their special day

2-Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and Teacher’s Day gift

3-Sporting and sales and community awards souvenir

4-Memorial souvenir such as the death of a deeply loved person or pet memories

The photo crystal is pure and brilliant, with glittering and transparent surface to make the impressive souvenir for memorizing your happy moment

Put the photo crystal on your desk of house and office, the place changed to be cute at once!

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