Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving Machine

Quick Overview

item no: 2450

size : 30x20cm / 40x60cm / 60x90cm / 130x90cm / 130x250cm

Machine Description

Technical Parameters :

Laser Power :  (optional)

Laser Type  : hermetic co2 glass tube 

Power Supply : AC220±10% 50HZ/AC 110±10% 60HZ 

Max Moving : Speed 0---60000mm/min

Worktable : Up & down worktable 

Locating Precision : <0.01mm 

Min Shaping  : character:2×2mm,letter:1×1mm 

Operating Temperature : 5℃---35℃

Resolution Ratio  : ≤4500dpi 

Control Configuration  :DSP 

System Environment  : WINDOWS 2000/WINDOWS XP/Vista/win7 

Cooling Way  : water cooling and protection system 

Compatible software   : CorelDraw, AutoCAD 

Cutting Thicknes : 0---10mm(depends on different materials) 

Color Separation  : separation of cutting up to 256 colors 

Sloping Engraving  : yes, slope can be designed discretionarily 

Cuts off the Water Supply  : YES

Optional Parts : high-grade cooling system/imported focus lens
                              cylinder rotary attachment
                              irregular rotary attachment


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