FC TOPDARKNEW A3(100 sheets)

FC TOPDARKNEW A3(100 sheets)

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 1. Print your design on the matte side of 1811 AllLaser A, in reverse (mirror), and use the printer setting for Transparent paper or film. NOTE: It is recommended to use Our Ghost white toner . For best results, we recommend the use of a white toner laser printer . Printable medias are very sensitive: always handle with care, preferably with gloves.

2. Preheat the lower platen of your heat press by closing it for a few seconds. Place 1811 AllLaser A on the platen, with the printed side facing upwards. Then place 1812 AllLaser B on top of it, with the glue side down. Protect the sheet with adhesive-proof tissue paper and press at 320°F–90 to 120 seconds – medium pressure.
3. Peel hot while still on the heat press platen. Once peeled, cut the edges of the sheet off to avoid glue lines transferring to the textile.
4. Position and heat press your logo on the garment protected byadhesive-proof tissue paper at 300-320°F (250-265°F for polyester)–30 seconds – firm pressure. Peel cold. (NOTE: If you are using 1815 Foil to finish the logo, only press for 10 seconds - medium pressure.) 
5. Press your logo again protected byadhesive-proof tissue paper at 320°F–30 seconds (250-265°F for 10 seconds with polyester)– firm pressure. Remove when cold. This will set the inks and leave you with a matte finish.



Wash at max 40°C.


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