FC BLANC Laser Dark A3

FC BLANC Laser Dark A3

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size :  A3

pcsBox : 50 Sheets

Product Description


  • Print in straight mode.

Without cutting:

  1. Wait few minutes before to remove the liner.
  2. Cover with a slicon paper the image and press: 145°C for 15"-20" - pressure 4- 5atm/medium-high
  3. Remove the silicon paper when cold.

If cutting:

  1. If cutting, peel off cut-out transfer from liner and place the transfer paper on the fabric with the printed side up.
  2. If you are lettering, remove printed parts from liner with a suitable heat proof application tape (A.T.900) for transfer papers.
  3. Protect with a double layer of polyester cloth (MA STUOI 04)
  4. Press: 150°C for 20"-22" - pressure 4- 5atm/medium-high.
  5. Remove the application tape when cold.
  6. Press again for 15" with adhesive-proof tissue paper.


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