MDF Frame A4 M1

MDF Frame A4 M1

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size : 19 * 29 CM 

pcsBox : 12

Product Description

Description :

Sublimation MDF Plaque
MDF is an acronym for "medium density fiber Board"that the density is about 0.65~0.80g/cm3 . Which widely used in
home decoration industry because of it’s Scratch and stain resistance,Meantime the image is infused into the coating
to provide permanent protection and durability.The MDF Plaque is a new product in the market, the transfer effect is very
bright, We supply various size & shapes for the board. Sample order is welcomed.  
1. Eco-friendly & Terrific as a decoration.
2. Different size and shape available.
3. High quality coating surface for prefect image transferring.
1. Get images from digital camera, memory card or scanner.
2. Print image with heat transfer paper and sublimation ink 
3. Stick the imaged paper face down to the Plaque surface by heat resistant tape.
4. Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto MDF plaque
5. Tear off the image paper on the MDF plaque and cool it for some time.
6. Enjoy your personal designed MDF plaque
How To Print :
              350 F
              50  S


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