large glass photo frame 50*60

large glass photo frame 50*60

Quick Overview

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size : 50 * 60 CM 

pcsBox : 12

Product Description

With what design, could those unforgotten memories last as long as it is? With what method, could the color of the memories never fade out? Zekrayat offers you our photo glass frames, the perfect memories carrier. Any of the sweet memories or special moments, portraits and scenery can be vividly printed on the glass frame via heat press machine, best to be printed with our 3d sublimation vacuum machines.

Detalis :
The refined clear glass frame guarantees the printing effect, leaving the color-rich and clear image. In addition, the glass material turns out to be environmental friendly and harmless to human bodies. The frame is excellent for wedding gifts, personal or commercial gifts.

How TO Print : 

                          350 F


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