mobile phone ring holder

mobile phone ring holder

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size : 3.5 * 3.5 CM 

pcsBox : 12

Product Description

Material: Zinc Alloy
Size: 3.5*6.5cm 
Printing size:3cm 
Weight: 10.5kg
Packing: 240pcs/ctn
Dimension: 390*250*290mm

Are you afraid of being robbed of your beloved mobile phone when you get too focused on playing it? Or are you afraid of the mobile phone dropping on the ground or into the toilet? However, with Zekrayat mobile phone sublimation ring holders, your worries are not a problem.

The mobile phone ring holder is fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation. The reliable structure is compatible with almost all the smart phones on the market. The ring holder is adhesive on your mobile phone, which is convenient and safe to prevent the device from falling while you are reading the news, checking the messages and taking selfies. It also allows easy one-hand operation, hanging your finger and you can flip your phone to the back of your hand and pick something else up. It can be used as a mobile phone stand as well, which is good for watching movies or reading e-books.

Print an awesome image on the aluminum insert of the mobile phone ring holder to make it the most attractive gadget for your mobile phone. 

How To Print :
                           350 F
                           100 S


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